As a working mom, you are already quite busy, and if you also homeschool, then it’s for sure you have double the work and need double the coffee, and double the motivation to accomplish the daily to-do’s.

Of course every day isn’t perfect, but on the days that I actually follow my morning routine and include time with God, I always feel more at ease. At first it may be challenging, and there will be days that it feels impossible. We can only obtain the inspiration and strength from Christ, because only He can give us the calmness and contentment to go along our daily responsibilities.

1) Wake up earlier

It might be a challenge, but you can begin with 15 minutes earlier than your usual time, and then increase it by a few minutes depending on how much you plan to spend reading the bible. Sometimes, if I am having a hard time waking up, I get up and get coffee and water ASAP. My next step will be to put my headphones on and listen to a bible podcast, or a bible plan on Youversion.

2) Make a Mama Morning Basket

I recommend using a Bible you can easily understand. I have both the KJV and NIV in my morning basket, as well as my daily women’s devotional.

3) Keep a Prayer Journal

Using the prayer journal allows you to go back and see what you’ve prayed for over time. You could even keep track of which prayers were answered, and review why you think some prayers weren’t answered. I keep my prayer journal in my Mama Morning Basket.

4) Use a notebook

It is helpful for writing your understanding, summary, bible verse to memorize, and an inspiration from your readings. When you write an idea, a goal, or a dream, it sort of communicates easier with your brain, because you are not just thinking about it, you are incorporating several senses to help you understand it and embed it in your heart.

5) Repeat process every day

You want to have a strong relationship with our Father, to build a relationship with God and to grow spiritually, you need to give him your time. Routine is how repetition becomes a process every day, will help you build a habit that will make you better equipped and prepared to embrace any sudden changes and/or challenges that you may face throughout the day.

Trust in God, try these tips, and you will see how you can easily make time to spend with Him.

Also, don’t be too hard on yourself. He loves you even if you oversleep <3.


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