How to Function with Morning Sickness

So we just found out that I’m pregnant with my third child.

I recently miscarried. Back in March of 2022. I didn’t even give myself time to heal from that really because I dove head first into my VA claim and working my freelance initial random Upwork gigs.

I finally decided to take things with the VA seriously and took advice from the veterans around me. How could I let a miscarriage slow me down, well of course it did? It was very painful. For me and my family.

Eventually, I started to feel less and less depressed, I started to see the work that God had been doing in my life. He brought me and my husband closer, after my trauma brought us apart.

During my time filing my VA claim for MST (Google it), I really had a rough time connecting with anyone because I was reliving my trauma frequently. I was and am in MST therapy, but still until I get through this I will relive it frequently. It’s rough.

I have been through a lot. Mostly because of poor choices. But now god has blessed me with a third child.

How am I supposed to homeschool when I am so exhausted I’ll? And then I found this video and watched it, felt like I’m not in this alone.

Be sure to subscribe to her channel. I was also intrigued by her level in the Good and Beautiful Curriculum. It excites me to use the higher levels, I am just on the preschool curriculum with my 4-year-old.

And these acupressure nausea bands from Amazon also help a ton:

I’ve also been chewing this tasty ginger gum:

She said her nausea got a little better around 7 weeks, as of today Flo says I am 6 weeks and 1 day. I have felt like I’m riding on a cruise ship in a wavy ocean for 3 days and I just pray it lightens up soon.

But I am so grateful and blessed for this 🌈 baby ❤️🥳.


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